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VOIP and network phone systems

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and refers to the software-based technology, which allows businesses to make their telephone calls using a broadband internet connection rather than through traditional phone-lines.
VOIP desk phones can either be set up as a new system or integrated into an existing one.

Voice and video over IP is a logical progression in network telephony.
Our WIFI solution offers the high speeds required for VOIP services, and we can design and install a full system using the latest equipment and high-end software. a VOIP phone provides breakthrough value as a low-cost telephone over using internet connectivity. The Controller software is bundled with the VOIP phone at no extra charge and without separate software, licensing or support fees.


Mobile App
Integrate your office phone with your mobile, ensuring you never miss a business call. You can also maintain a single identity by displaying your landline number when making outbound mobile calls. Additionally, you are able to synchronise your communication preferences and contact details.

  • Record a personalised greeting for all your callers, providing them with a menu of options where they can self-direct to the right department or team member in your business. For example, &; Thank you for calling Sample Company. One message is included with all system purchases.
  • Distribute your incoming calls to multiple users according to a pre-defined hunting policy. Two distribution systems are included with any system purchase.
  • Unlimited storage to record your calls. Your recordings are stored in the UK and accessible for six months after creation. (Transferred calls may not be recorded.)

A VOIP solution provides outstanding value and functionality. By providing PSTN Termination you can call the same numbers that you could if you were using a fixed line alternative. With our scalable QoS enabled internet access products, our VOIP system can provide you with an outstanding return on your investment. By connecting you on our network and installing an SMG (Skyline Multifunctional Gateway) we can provide a host of PBX functions.

Our VOIP telephone service is not only cost effective but has the ability to add new functionality and integrate with existing systems (for example with Accounts or CRM systems) which could dramatically enhance the way you communicate with your clients. It also allows you to hold international business meeting video and voice calls with multiple users.