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Farms and rural locations come with their own issues, including often having very slow broadband, minimal security systems and no way to control who has access to your land.

Our services offer a multitude of choices and solutions to solve these issues.


In today’s business world, farms are multi usage with many building housing and business infrastructures on the land.
Problems arise with the internet and speed and quality of connections available. We have solved this and can offer a high quality superior broadband package tailored for individual businesses that would not have considered moving to rural locations in the past.


Our services offer a multitude of options from a dedicated beamed broadband to a 4G/5G system to solve the issues of low broadband speeds, then allowing camera and detection systems to be added in if desired. This helps to deter intruders, thieves and fly tippers.


We can secure all areas including perimeter buildings, farm machinery, livestock areas, main buildings, farm houses, entrances and exits.

The smart technology can differentiate between humans and animals to avoid false alarms.

Monitoring services are available for the hours you want covered.

Camera systems come with an android tablet pre-loaded with access to all cameras and voice systems.
If required we can link this to your mobile phone allowing you to see everything, anytime and anywhere.

Bolt on Security Options 
Fully integrated security, surveillance and CCTV system to protect your investments

Tablet pre-loaded for camera control.
Perimeter detection – voice alarm – smoke and light deterrents
Remote smoke detection
24 hour monitoring. urgent rapid deployment CCTV and broadband Access within 24-48 Hours.
Entrance/exit barrier control – number plate recognition
Static security hut intruder fencing system
Static security guards